Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bye bye blogspot. Hello Shiny New Website!

It's time!!! My brand-new website--you know, the one I've been teasing you with for months now--is live! This entry will be my last one on this site. All of my old blog posts have packed up and moved to the new site, but they will also stay here in case you just feel nostalgic. (Wouldn't you like to be in two places at once?)

The website and blog are combined in one handy location, so I hope you will take the time to click around and see what cool surprises you can find. Be sure to bookmark the new site, and you can also sign up for RSS Feed so you'll get updates when I post. 

I can't wait to hear from you!! 
Please, come visit ACP at http://www.amycliftonphotography.com .

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hannah & Alan are Married!

When Hannah was in high school, she would come to South Carolina during the summers to visit family. She always hung out with the teens from her family members' church, and although she and Alan knew each other, they were "just friends." Fast forward to 4.4.09....the perfect spring day for these two to show the world that while they are the best of friends, they are no longer "just" friends.

Hannah is one of the sweetest, most relaxed brides I've ever met, and that just shines through...

She's a little bit sassy, too. :-)

Hannah with her sisters Olivia and Amanda...

...and their parents.

Alan was just as relaxed, just as easy-going as Hannah. (Although there was some discussion about a Batman mask coming out during the ceremony...hmmm, I think he's got a mischievous side too!)

Alan and his mom. Did I mention that he was about a foot taller than anyone involved in this wedding?? :-)

I loved the architecture in the sanctuary.

Husband and wife! BTW, they processed up the aisle after the ceremony to the "Super Mario" song, too cute! 

I love when a photo can tell a story without even seeing anyone's face...


Love love love the details on Hannah's dress!

Hello, adorable!

Any guesses on the honeymoon destination? Hehe!

Hannah and Alan--thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day. Everything was beautiful, your family and friends were so much fun, and you guys are awesome! I hope you are having a great time at the "happiest place on earth"...I'm guessing that as long as you're together you make it the happiest place. :-) 

And finally, my favorite:

*NOTE to Hannah and Alan's family and friends: Please check back over the next week or two for a link to the full ordering gallery so you can see all of the proofs from the wedding! Thanks!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Month

What a difference a month (+ 2 days) can make! March 1st came in with a Southern snowstorm, and only a month later, spring is here. Even though I complained incessantly about the daily rain last week, it seemed to leave the world covered in green...so I guess there is a "silver lining" after all. 

(I spy a tiny little visitor in the picture above...do you?)

Dogwoods always seem to bloom just in time for Easter. Below, my pecan tree and the same dogwood on March 1st...

Not only has spring sprung in the past month, but baby Rossi, baby Liam, and baby Eli were all born! Tomorrow I will be shooting a sweet spring wedding, and next week is filled with tons of photo sessions and some big news: my website is FINALLY going to launch. Wooohooo! Check back!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coming [really] Soon...Rossi

It seems that through nearly every phase of my life, I've had a good friend named Amy. Over the past couple of years, Amy and Matt have become such great friends of mine, and of course we always wreak havoc and cause confusion when we're together and someone says "Hey Amy...". Um, which one? The similarities don't end there--Amy is a photographer in Greenwood, and we often shoot together. I always tell people at weddings, "If you need a photo, just find an Amy."

Matt and Amy's first child together, Rossi, is coming really, really soon. I was actually a little concerned that I wouldn't get these maternity photos posted before he was born, so I'm glad he's running a day or two off schedule! (Sorry Amy.) :-) Rossi is a bit of a "miracle baby," and we are all excited to meet him!

I'm so loving shadows and reflections these days! 

This crazy old building was full of cool textures and colors...

This last series completely rocks my face off. Hello, fierce.

See? Total rock stars.


Really. My face has been officially rocked off. These last two are my faves.

Amy and Matt--y'all are such wonderful friends, and I had so much fun with you shooting these photos. Not a single "Chandler face" to be found. ;-) I'm so happy for you guys, and now that I've finally gotten these posted, I can't wait for Rossi to get here! (hehe)

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Contest: Charlie's Snow Day!

SNOW DAY!! Very few phrases strike such excitement--and such panic--into the hearts of Southerners. If you are reading the blog from anywhere besides the south, I must explain that everything (schools, businesses, major interstates) shuts down for even a dusting of "the white stuff," and the entire southern population empties the grocery stores of all bread and milk. (Apparently bread and milk are all you need for sustenance if you are trapped indoors during a blizzard.) So anyway, the 1st day of March came in like a lion, with big puffy flakes of snow, and 2 days out of school. It was the best-kind-of-snow that sticks to each tree branch and twig like tufts of cotton and packs the perfect snowball. 

By early afternoon, however, I was a little stir-crazy and lonely in the house all by myself, so I announced a FREE contest on facebook! (If you are a blog reader but you aren't my friend yet on fb, please send me a request!) Little Charlie, via his facebooking mom, was the lucky winner of a frosty cold snow session. They braved the cold, and we traipsed around my backyard for some frikkin adorable photos of Charlie's Snow Day...

I think this photo of Charlie and Jennifer is simply magical!

I love the happiness on Jennifer's face here...

By the way, Charlie's newborn portraits were one of my very first posts on the blog, and now I'm nearing my 50th post. It won't be long at all before we move over to the new blog and site...I'll keep you updated! 

Now I'm off to eat my bread and milk....  ;-)

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